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So you think you can't paint? I can prove you wrong.

"I would highly recommend this as a fresh alternative to traditional team-building activities."

– Joel Whitehead for Neutrogena




Easels, boards, paper, paint, palettes and brushes for every guest.

you supply

An available conference room or location away from the office, tables, access to a basin (for water jars and washing up), catering if required.


Choose between a half day or express 1.5 hour sessions over the course of a full day.

Many adults decided at school age that they weren't creative. Their teachers may not have helped their self-confidence devlop or they may have been raised in a left brain family. But I believe everyone deserves to know that they can paint, and do it well. 


In my workshops I show you how to use my fool-proof tricks and techniques to develop a frame-worthy piece of art. Whether it's a beautiful face or a floral arrangement, your finished work will be distinctly different to your neighbour's. 


Once you discover your unique talent, you might be amazed to find that confidence filter into other aspects of your life. I dare you to give it a try. Turn I CAN'Ts into I CANs and contact me today.


choose your workshop


Proportionate Portraits

Faces are considered one of the most difficult things to paint but with my easy-to-follow instructions, it's a cinch.


Botanical or Goumand Still Life

Working from 3D objects is slightly more challenging (and a lot more rewarding!) than working from photos. I can show you how to nail any arrangement in front of you.


Serene seascapes

Participants will bring the sparkling sea or a beautiful beach image to paper in 10 simple steps.


Do it your way

I can customise a workshop around your company brand or message. It can wow potential clients and customers at industry events.  Tell me your idea.

i'll bring

for your manager


“Our guests were treated to an informative yet light-hearted art class session hosted by Erin and the execution surpassed expectations. The session offered our guests an opportunity to relax as they become totally engrossed in the watercolour painting task, and thanks to Erin’s thoughtful, calming and considered approach we couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome. Each group had varying levels of ability and Erin skillfully adapted her style to ensure everyone felt included. I would highly recommend the watercolour class for a fresh alternative to traditional team building activities.”

-- Joel Whitehead, Account Director, Platinum MC on behalf of Neutrogena.

new year, new skill!

To reserve a slot for 2016, click on the contact page and name your theme and preferred date.

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